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For racing in spring-like conditions, high-fluoro waxes are needed for their extremely hydrophobic qualities and ability to shed lots of moisture in a hurry. Swix HF10X is a go-to race wax in these circumstances, and can be used on its own or as a baselayer for further temperature-specific layers of Swix Cera F waxes and powders. Trusted at the highest levels of the sport, Swix HF10X race wax will keep your skis up to speed when extremely wet and saturated snow has made for downright sloppy course conditions. Designed for warm-weather use in a temperature range of 32AdegF to 50AdegF (0AdegC to 10AdegC) Outstanding water repellency helps maintain anti-static performance on extremely wet snow Remarkably durable and long lasting for a soft, warm wax Recommended iron temperature of 248AdegF (120AdegC) for proper application Always apply fluorinated waxes in well-ventilated areas. Follow recommended iron temperature settings to avoid unnecessary exposure to fumes. Inhalation of fluoro wax fume particles can be very dangerous, and use of respiratory protection is highly recommended...

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I bought Swix HF10X Wax - 180g for my girl and is very satisfied!